1001 Hunting Tips by Lamar Underwood, Nate Matthews

By Lamar Underwood, Nate Matthews

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51. Find Big Bucks by Locating Thrashed-up Brush If you find a rub on a big tree, do not assume it was left by a buck with a big rack. Smaller-racked deer often rub on large-diameter trunks (although a big-racked buck will generally not waste his time rubbing on a small tree). Big bucks will, however, destroy a bush. If you’re looking for a true trophy, locate a patch of brush that’s been torn up and dislodged from the ground. Dominant deer use these to demonstrate their power and to leave more scent behind.

Look for new tracks or flecks of blood at the other end. 114. Give Deer Time to Respond to Your Rattling Most bucks do not immediately charge toward the sound of two intruders battling in their territory. When rattling for whitetails, always wait, motionless, for at least thirty minutes after finishing an imitated fight sequence. Many hunters make the mistake of leaving the area in which they were calling too soon, before deer who may have heard the commotion have had time to respond. 115. Make Your Steps Sound like a Deer’s to Spook Fewer Bucks There are some situations in which it is impossible for you to walk silently through the woods.

Then sit back and watch the does come running. 110. Look Downhill When Still-hunting during Bad Weather The best places to still-hunt during violent weather are found on elevated terrain. Benches crossing the sides of ridges make excellent routes to follow because they give you top-down looks into the kinds of thick cover where deer like to hole up. That extra field of view means you’ll have more shots than you would if you were stalking through level ground, where the cover you’re hunting will usually obstruct your line of sight.

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