200 ripple stitch patterns by JAN EATON


Создавайте красивые вязаные полотна с разноцветными зигзагами и эффектными остроконечными краями, которые идеально подходят для афганов, детских одеял и даже для панно. Эта удобная в работе книга включает two hundred красочных образцов с эффектом «зигзаг» для вязания крючком и на спицах, с использованием разнообразных техник вязания, от традиционных шотландских мотивов до современных текстурированных образцов.

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I’m just mentioning it because, in the next chapter, you’ll learn to make some taller stitches that will require you to make a stitch into the turning chain. But we’ll get to that later. The Happy Hooker 34 your crochet stitches as being a bit like a to-go cup of latte from your favorite java hut. A single crochet stitch is a short shot, while later on you’ll learn to make taller stitches—more like those grande and venti cups. They’ll always have that lid on top, though, just like all good coffee does.

Your yarn strand is strung across from your left finger to the hook in your right hand, taut but not tight, and your hook is ready to start going to town on it. for you—for instance, if there is some way you are used to holding the yarn in your left hand when knitting Continental style (see page 27)—is fine, as long as you have a strand of yarn that feeds up and over a finger (could be pointer, could be middle finger, whatever works) and also allows you to hold the base of that slipknot with your thumb and someone else (middle finger, ring finger, no matter).

Aha! Slip stitch made. The slip stitch is so nice and flat and sneaky that it’s also used to join one piece of crocheting to another almost invisibly. Practice making slip stitches across the top of all 20 single crochet stitches in your row, so you get nice and good at making ’em. O Finishing Off Your Work kay, your work here is done; it’s time to sign off. Finishing a piece of crochet work couldn’t be easier. Simply cut the yarn about 6 inches from your last stitch, hook the strand, pull it all the way through (including the cut end) the loop that’s on your hook, and tighten the strand.

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