55 Answers to Questions about Life After Death by Mark Hitchcock

By Mark Hitchcock

Four thousand years in the past, amid tragic ache and demise, task requested the query of the a while: "If a guy dies, will he dwell again?" because the sunrise of historical past, the topic of dying and the afterlife has been the good query of human life. it is a topic that everybody wonders approximately. What lies in the back of the veil of demise? Is there quite existence after demise? Is there a spot referred to as hell? This small but power-packed e-book solutions, in a truly straight forward, reader-friendly structure, the entire most-asked questions usual humans have approximately loss of life, near-death reviews, cremation, purgatory, hell, heaven, and our destiny our bodies. you can be surprised at what awaits us past the grave.

Is There intercourse in Heaven?

It's a good query! And so are the remaining. pass ahead...flip to the desk of contents. become aware of one other one, , or fifty-four others which are sure to intrigue you. Questions like: Do these in heaven comprehend what is occurring in the world? and Will I see my...

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It's a time of accounting and evaluation that each believer will face for a divine appraisal of how we lived our life after we trusted Jesus Christ as our Savior from sin. It has nothing to do with purgatory. Worthless works will be burned up, not the person. THE DIFFICULTIES-WHY SHOULD WE REJECT IT? The doctrine of purgatory has several serious problems, as we have already noted, but two main difficulties stand out. First, belief in purgatory reveals a serious misunderstanding of the biblical doctrine of salvation.

10. ”; This verse says that the lost are undergoing punishment presently as they await the day of judgment. Even the souls of departed unbelievers aren't asleep. 11. ”; The souls of these Tribulation believers who have died are in heaven, crying out to the Lord for vindication. In addition to these verses, in all three accounts when Jesus raised the dead He spoke to the person as if he or she was still conscious and aware (Luke 7:14; 8:54; John 11:43). In summary, Scripture teaches that when a person dies, the body does fall asleep, but the “real person”; is immediately transported either to heaven or hades.

What About Near-Death Experiences? 9. Do Some People Get a Glimpse of Heaven Before They Die? … 10. Is Reincarnation Consistent with the Bible? 11. Can the Dead Communicate with the Living? 12. Is Fear of Death Normal? PART TWO: Grave Matters 13. Should Christians Be Cremated? PART THREE: The Other Side of the Good News 14. Is Hell a Real Place? 15. What Is Hell Like? 16. Are There Different Parts of the Underworld? 17. How Can a Loving God Send People to Hell? 18. Is Hell in the Center of the Earth?

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