A-26 Invader Units of World War 2 (Combat Aircraft 82) by Jim Roeder, Janusz Swiatlon (Artworks by)

By Jim Roeder, Janusz Swiatlon (Artworks by)

Osprey's examine of the A-26 Invader devices' participation in international battle II (1939-1945). Designed to mix the bombing power of the B-26 Marauder with the flexibility of the ground-attack A-20 Havoc, the A-26 Invader might develop into the USAAF's assault bomber par excellence. able to flying low-level strafing or traditional bombing missions through easily altering the nostril configuration of the plane, the Invader first observed motion in 1943 within the Pacific Theater attacking Japanese-held islands. Arriving in Europe numerous months later, the A-26 served with contrast for the rest of international battle II. actually, the layout proved such a success that it should pass directly to fly strive against missions for one more twenty years. Written by way of army aviation professional Jerry Scutts and illustrated with brand-new colour profiles and infrequent images, this can be the 1st ebook to concentration solely at the A-26's missions in global struggle II.

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This was Lt Jokinen's 17th mission and Creeden's 10th. ' Jokinen and Creeden were duly captured after performing a textbook belly landing. [n the afternoon the 416th shifted its attention to the Cologne sector, where the clouds were thick and heavy and the flak nil. The A-26 , led by a PH aircraft, attacked the Kreuztal marshalling yard, located at a junction of twO main line leading north from the Giessen- ologne line. Traffic at this centre had increased greatly in recenr weeks. The results of the raid were unobserved.

A few of our A-26s had solid noses housing six 0_50-cal machine guns, bur mosr of rhem were equipped wirh bombardier noses for missions such as rhose rhar I rook parr in. 50-calmachine guns in both the ventral and dorsal rurrers operared by rhe gunner, who rode in rhe rear of the Invader. However, half rhe rime we didn't even carry a gunner. 'Mosr of our missions were despatched ro srrike targets of opportunity These were usually enemy airfields, bridges, marshalling yards and moror rransporr. On clear nighrs convoys could be sighted rolling along the highways.

Bombing was accomplished me to re-check my Fuel pressure. "'By the time 1 had rolled out on a reciprocal heading of 223 degrees (our emergency heading) my right Fuel pressure wa fluctuating, and as [ 64 --l :r: m "T1 o :0 m visually with results rated as excellent. As thc group returned to base the crews noticed that 'the sky was filled with C-47s towing gliders, which were heading east to participate in the mass oFFensive. That aFternoon our aeroplanes went out again to attack the Colbe railway bridge'.

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