A Case for Amillennialism: Understanding the End Times by Kim Riddlebarger

By Kim Riddlebarger

In a transparent and obtainable demeanour, Kim Riddlebarger provides and defends amillennialism—the trust that the millennium is a gift truth headquartered in Christ's heavenly reign, now not a destiny desire of Christ's rule in the world after his return—as the old Protestant knowing of the millennial age.

Recognizing that eschatology—the learn of destiny things—is a classy and debatable topic, Riddlebarger starts off with definitions of key terminology and an outline of varied viewpoints and similar biblical issues. He then discusses key passages of Scripture that endure upon the millennial age, together with Daniel nine, Matthew 24, Romans eleven, and Revelation 20. ultimately, he evaluates the most difficulties dealing with all of the significant millennial positions and cautions us to concentrate on the implications of every view.

This elevated version features a new foreword from Michael Horton, a brand new bankruptcy at the antichrist, a brand new bankruptcy on symptoms of the tip, and a number of other beneficial charts and indexes.

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Eschatology and the Covenants To understand the eschatology of the Old Testament, we must consider the various covenants found throughout it. Covenants between kings (suzerains) and their vassals (servants) formed the basis of daily life in the ancient Near Eastern world. This was certainly true for ancient Israel. From a biblical perspective, covenants took on even greater importance, since Israel’s king (suzerain) was the great King, and the nation was his chosen vassal. ”5 In each of the Old Testament covenants, two parties were involved: God and his people or their divinely chosen representative, such as Abraham or Moses.

12 Texts that speak of last things must, therefore, be interpreted by other biblical passages. This is especially the case when New Testament writers show how an Old Testament passage pointed to Christ and was fulfilled in him. As one writer notes in this regard: If we reject the literal method of interpretation as the universal rule for the interpretation of all prophecies, how are we to interpret them? Well, of course, there are many passages in prophecy that were meant to be taken literally.

Nevertheless, this is an impressive point, which is often not considered. As the dispensational movement captured the hearts and minds of conservative American evangelicals with its stress on a literal interpretation of biblical prophecy, amillennialism was often equated with Protestant liberalism or Roman Catholicism. ” As with postmillennialism, amillennialism has suffered greatly from the failure of Reformed and Lutheran writers to defend the position against the barbs of popular prophecy writers such as Dave Hunt, Chuck Missler, and Hal Lindsey.

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