A Categorical Approach to Threshold Agent Networks by Voutsadakis G.

By Voutsadakis G.

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2,1) . . . . . . (-1,-2) . (1,2) . . . . . . (2,3) . . (-3,2) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (-2,-3) . . . i . (2,-1) . . . 6 Partial square tessellation for reuse of 5 and reuse of 13. vp Thursday, April 25, 2002 9:27:36 AM . . i . (3,-2) . . . . Color profile: Disabled Default screen Composite P1: FDJ book CRC-Wireless November 16, 2001 13:56 Char Count= 254 Because of the inherent asymmetry of the square grid, there is not a direct relation among the reuse ratio, the signal quality, and the cluster size, as was the case for the hexagonal grid.

Power control must be performed so that intra- and intersystem interference is minimized. The near–far phenomenon is more relevant in the multipoint-to-point transmission (mobile stations to base station) than in the point-to-multipoint one (base station to mobile stations). In the first case (multipoint-to-point), because the mobile stations may be at different distances from the base station, the various signals arriving at the base will have different strengths. In the second case (point-to-multipoint), the various signals transmitted by the base reach a given mobile station with approximately the same power loss, thus maintaining power proportionality.

The PCH is a downlink channel used for paging MSs. A page is defined as the process of seeking an MS in the event that an incoming call is addressed to that MS. Random Access Channel (RACH). The RACH is an uplink channel used to convey messages related to call establishment requests and responses to network-originated inquiries. 6 Narrowband and Wideband Systems Wireless systems can be classified according to whether they have a narrowband or wideband architecture. Narrowband systems support low-bit-rate transmission, whereas wideband systems support high-bit-rate transmission.

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