A Clinical Guide to Stem Cell and Bone Marrow by Terry Wikle Shapiro

By Terry Wikle Shapiro

Stem phone and Bone Marrow Transplantation

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Boston: Jones and Bartlett; 1997. Page 39 Chapter 2— Conditioning Regimens and Management of Common Toxicities The conditioning phase of the bone marrow transplantation (BMT) process sets the stage for not only potential cure, but also a myriad of transplant-related toxicities and complications. This chapter outlines common conditioning regimens utilized in both autologous BMT/peripheral blood stem cell (PBSC) rescue and allogeneic BMT as well as practices common in the management of acute conditioning-related toxicities.

Traditionally, this test has been used to determine HLA class II compatibility but is now becoming less widely used. D. DNA typing directly determines the HLA alleles of an individual. Typing is generally accomplished by the polymerase chain reaction technique. Restriction fragment length polymorphism may be used adjunctively to provide higher-resolution testing. E. Advantages of HLA typing 1. Provides a higher level of accuracy than other methods 2. Does not require live cells 3. Uses manufactured reagents (increased availability) F.

Combination Chemotherapy Conditioning and Immunosuppressive Regimens A. The ideal chemotherapy conditioning regimen for BMT should be capable of eradicating malignant disease and have tolerable side effects. 1). 1 (continued) Preparative regimen Acronym Diseases Etoposide/total body irradiation VP/TBI Hematologic malignancies Cytarabine/total body irradiation Ara-C/TBI Acute leukemias Ifosfamide/carboplatin/etoposide ICE Solid tumors Mitoxantrone/etoposide/thiotepa MVT Breast Melphalan/total body irradiation Mel/TBI Multiple myeloma Carmustine/etoposide/cytarabine/melphalan BEAM Hodgkin's and non-Hodgkin's lymphoma Cyclophosphamide/carmustine/cisplatin CBP Breast and solid tumors Cyclophosphamide/carmustine/etoposide CBV Hodgkin's and non-Hodgkin's lymphoma Cyclophosphamide/etoposide/cisplatin CVP, CPE Breast, testicular, and solid tumors Cyclophosphamide/etoposide/total body irradiation CY/VP/TBI Acute leukemias, non-Hodgkin's lymphoma Cyclophosphamide/total body irradiation CY/TBI Hematologic malignancies Cyclophosphamide/thiotepa/carboplatin CTC, STAMP-5 Breast and solid tumors Cyclophosphamide/thiotepa/cisplatin CTP Breast and solid tumors Cyclophosphamide/cytarabine/total body irradiation TCC Acute leukemias B.

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