A Grammar for Biblical Hebrew (Revised Edition) by C. L. Seow

By C. L. Seow

A number one grammar of biblical Hebrew.

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The Suffixed Pronouns Whereas the independent personal pronoun is used for the subject, the suffixed pronouns (or "pronominal suffixes") may refer to the noun as the indirect or direct object. In terms of form, three sets of suffixed pronouns may be identified. e N otes: i. , 0~ (in them). By analogy, one expects the 3 fp to have suffix, in addition to F) Although unattested with prepositions, this suffix is in fact found in other c~mtexts and should be learned as a possible form. u. When in pause, the 2 ms form is usually 1 (-a~).

The mountains the city 7. the people I 2. the heads the cities 8. the earth I 3. the swords 9· the rams I 4. the vessels I 5. the women r. the night 2. (J) 4· the father 5. the palace IO. ~ li~-,i1~1 li~ r:;n from the land 11J~ CJ:9/ CJ'O 8. a prophet to the nations 4· in a covenant IO. 6. like God I 2. between the darkness and the light no5 ~;~. ,~ noD ,~ r. :JOFJl ~9fiJ 2. C'1:Jl'1 C'1W 8. i1~,5-,Y ci~~• T:- 3. C'~~-~~ C'~~ 9· C'73Wi1 nnl'=l~ C'~i1 1i1i1 1)J IO. c5w~1':J~ i11~i1'::l 5· 6. m:;,~ •,• •: c¥f II.

Fo rm I'hv rnuticl e :1~;:1 (a lso 1D I -1ry) may appear independently or take '> I if fi xed pro no un s of Type A, as follows. roo I Lesson IX Vocabulary I i~i} 3 ms -not attested- 3 fs 2 ms 2 fs 9~D l~Dil~D '~~D I CS 3 mp I:Hi1 3 fp -not attested- -"' lo~t di·, hi_ Vocabulary T • 2 mp 2 fp -not attested- I cp .... ~D ~ ~)~j} 1 J ::l':;l9 0+' with, together with. Also the marker of definite direct object. around. 7). ~J~i} b. Uses n:;~! to sacrifice. ~F~ (mp. nin:pp~) altar; n:;~! 11::> to cut.

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