A New History of Western Philosophy: Volume 2: Medieval by Anthony Kenny

By Anthony Kenny

Sir Anthony Kenny right here keeps his interesting account of the heritage of philosophy, concentrating on the thousand-year-long medieval interval. this can be the second one quantity of a four-book set within which Kenny will spread a magisterial new background of Western philosophy, the 1st significant single-author background of philosophy to seem in decades.

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Augustine raises a problem that continued to trouble believers in every century in which belief in a Wnal resurrection was taken seriously. Suppose that a starving man relieves his hunger by cannibalism: to whose body, at the resurrection, will the digested human Xesh belong? Augustine gives a carefully thought-out answer. Before A gets so hungry that he eats the body of B, A must have lost a lot of weight—bits of his body must have been exhaled into the air. At the resurrection this material will be transformed back into Xesh, to give A the appropriate avoirdupois, and the digested Xesh will be restored to B.

Accordingly, their school was closed by the emperor Zeno in 489. The scholars migrated to Persia, where they continued the work they had begun at Edessa of translating the logical works of Aristotle from Greek into Syriac. After the Muslim conquest of Persia and Syria, scholars from this school were invited to the court of Baghdad in the era of the enlightened caliphs of the Arabian Nights. Between 750 and 900 these Syrians translated into Arabic much of the Aristotelian corpus, as well as Plato’s Republic and Laws.

W. Mitchell. PHILOSOPHY AND FAITH Human beings, for Proclus, straddle the three worlds of Soul, Mind, and One (ET 190–7). As united to our animal body, the human soul expresses itself in Eros, focused on earthly beauty. But it has also an imperishable, ethereal body made out of light. Thus it passes beyond love of beauty in search of Truth, a pursuit that brings it into contact with the ideal realities of the world of Mind. But it has a faculty higher than that of thought, and that brings it, by mystical ecstasy, into union with the One.

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