A Postcolonial Woman’s Encounter with Moses and Miriam by Angeline M.G. Song

By Angeline M.G. Song

This booklet is grounded in a theorization of the author's own tale together with turning out to be up as a feminine adoptee of a unmarried mum or dad in a patriarchal context, and present fabric context as an immigrant in New Zealand.

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He contends that “every person’s psychosocial identity . . 83 For example, in the Asian culture, there is the traditional belief that Asian girls should be conservatively dressed or else be considered immoral. ”84 In other words, she not only begins to view what she has been taught by her own culture in a negative fashion, she also extends this negative impression in judgment of her own race and culture. 85 As a Peranakan, Westernized “mimic woman,” I can testify to Erikson’s theory of rejecting the models of what is considered good and ideal in my own culture—and the internal conflict and agonizing that accompanies the process.

However, I do appreciate that Vischer and his followers were trying to capture the complex notion of a profound, perhaps unfathomable, connection with another, which constitutes the Einfühlung experience, and is unlike any other emotional experience. ”30 I suggest that perhaps a more precise vision of empathy lies somewhere in between the two concepts. 6. 2 Empathya s“ ProjectingO neselfi nto the Other’s Situation” Over time, the idea of what Einfühlung means changed again to reflect encounters between people instead of between a person and an aesthetic object.

60 This instance shows how many postcolonized people do not have an awareness of the full effects and complexities of a colonization of the mind. In addition, the decolonizing of one’s mind is a gradual process, so that we are at various stages of realization regarding the implications of discursive colonization and its ongoing effects in our lives. William Myers makes the point in a vivid manner: “The subtlety of the approach is what makes it so dangerous. ”61 Even when one does come to a certain degree of awareness, often the feelings are mixed in relation to the dilemma that one is in.

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