A Prose English Translation of Mahanirvana Tantra by Manmatha Nath Dutt

By Manmatha Nath Dutt

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La Til1s ceremon~ of Abhlshel a and Its character.. ve thus been descrtbed 111 Kularnava rantra - ~qf~mOf

Cruel. uf'{r. 'l7-40). And ther "ill I... I, evil. orto..... ntl ", .. n, ond enr gi\'en to ICnobl. th the b~1eJ ,ttl1 olhrr'. I (,foetiee cunninr. (~:). ltery. n Ie .. in, And they .. becone; nnd po\'cloee.. ey "ill perform "dully office. for tbo •• unworthy 01 th. ume. ,: of wicht! ya (44). And r,iYen to impious net,( they will b. u~hly, and Ir~udulent. oul rrgene .. tiQrt op to their sixteenth ye:u r nnd dinecard \'OW8 and nus~ lerili •• (45).

So the worshipper of fish means one who has suppressed his vital breaths. This practice, in lhe parlance of Yoga, is called Pranayama. It is again mentioned about Mudra: -- en ~() Cfi I '{1 ~en r ;q~(ct , ~ ~'* ~ f"( ;fi (q<:f (ij ~raH 'ff~ ~~fu ~~ q «tft q+i: 1\ ~tflttrllCfi Iii ~cfi1~~rn~.. ~I~I'qCfi' 'd~B II On the great lotus of a thousand petals situate on the head resides. soul. Though it is like a million of s~ns in effulgence it is hke so many mOOllS in coolness; one who acquires the kno\\ledg< or this c1 •• rming

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