A short grammar of the Bulgarian language, with reading by by W. R. Morfill ...

By by W. R. Morfill ...

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D) i-stems. (e) a-stems. n^-stems. (f) ova-stems. We thus have the verbs divided into six chief classes. 1 See previous explanation of this letter. THE VEKB. 35 These again may be regarded from the point of view (1) those which have no preposition prefixed ; those which have a preposition prefixed. (2) of With reference to their aspects, the verbs are thus arranged under the six classes : Without the I. (a) As prefix of a preposition. a rule imperfective, some durative. There few perfective, which must be learned by are a practice.

Past . AORIST. Sing. ^8. Plur. Mp-t-x-Me 1. Mp-t-xt 2. Mp-t Mp-t-x-Te 3. Mp-t Mp-t-X-Z. Pres. stem Mp-e. PRESENT. 1. Mp-25L Mp-e-Mt 2. Mp-e-nit Mp-e-Te 3. -T'L IMPERATIVE. 2. MPH 1. Mp-t-Xl Mp-h-X-MC 2. Mp-e-uie Mp-t-M-Te 3. Mp-t-x-x Mp-e-Te. IMPERFECT. ' to lean/ as onpiiTB, ' ' to shut up/ also participle passive, 43 CONJUGATION WITH PEESENT SUEFIX. STEMS WHICH END IN A VOWEL. ' 7. Inf. a. ' past part. act. II. GH-JI. past part. ; 6HT"L. , AORIST. Sing. /?. 1. 6H-xt 2. 6H 6H-X-TC 3. 6n 6H-x-x Pres.

It is imof Slavonic grammar at the outset : possible to master this difficult part 1 it can only be done by familiarity with Bulgarian books. THE VERB. g. 6o#fexT>, I was piercing/ I was going/ noHei'fcx'B, I was reading/ It ' 3. ' 37 ' is a favourite tense for purposes of description. 4. Pres. participle active is lost in Bulgarian ; its place supplied by Kaio with the indicative, or by adverbs in -eniKOM'B, which form is used like a Latin gerund ; is ' as, iLiaHemKOMt, weeping/ ' HrpefflKoarB, sporting/ but traces of a present participle are to be found in the popular songs which have in so many instances remained true to the older forms of the language.

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