A study of Daphnis & Chloe by R. L. Hunter

By R. L. Hunter

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Marrow of Human Experience, The: Essays on Folklore by William A. Wilson

Composed over a number of many years, the essays listed here are remarkably clean and proper. they give guide for the scholar simply starting the learn of folklore in addition to repeated worth for the numerous proven students who proceed to strive against with matters that Wilson has addressed. As his paintings has lengthy provided perception on severe matters—nationalism, style, trust, the connection of folklore to different disciplines within the humanities and humanities, the foreign money of legend, the importance of humor as a cultural expression, and so forth—so his contemporary writing, in its reflexive method of narrative and storytelling, illuminates today’s paradigms.

Mules and Men (P.S.)

Mules and males is a treasury of black America's folklore as amassed through a recognized storyteller and anthropologist who grew up listening to the songs and sermons, sayings and tall stories that experience shaped an oral heritage of the South because the time of slavery. Returning to her place of origin of Eatonville, Florida, to collect fabric, Zora Neale Hurston remembers "a hilarious evening with a pinch of every little thing social combined with the storytelling.

Living with Stories: Telling, Re-telling, and Remembering

In essays approximately groups as different as Alaskan local, East Indian, Palestinian, Mexican, and African American, oral historians, folklorists, and anthropologists examine how conventional and old oral narratives pass though re-tellings, gaining that means and value in repeated performances, from various contexts, via cultural and ancient understanding, and because of tellers' realization in their audiences.

South and Meso-American Mythology A to Z

Южная и Meксикано-американская Мифология: библиография , культура , легенды, мифы, исследования

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In setting his novel to vie with the visual appeal of a painting, Longus employs a mild form of the sort of selfadvertisement used by Aelian in introducing his description of the Vale of Tempe, TO. KaAovpEva TEP1TT/ TO. 1), or by Lucian in the introduction to a description of a marvellously ornate room, TO xaAE1TOV TOU TOAPiJpaTO\ opaTE, aVEV xpwpaTWV Kat UXT/paTWV Kat T01TOV uvuTiJuau8aL TouavTa\ fl KOva\· 1j;LA17 l'ap TL\ 7j l'parp17 TWV AOI'WV (de domo 21), or by the speaker in the following passage of Himerius, rpEPE 017 I'pa1j;w TWL AOI'WL TOV 1TivaKa· €XEL l'ap olpaL 1TpO\ piPT/ULV olKEta Kat AOI'O\ rpappaKa ...

The life of Daphnis and Chloe and the landscape which they inhabit have a quite different tone from the poetry of Theocritus to whom Longus owes his largest literary debt (cf. below pp. 59-63). I have already noted a certain affinity between D&C and the poetry of Tibullus (abovepp. 5-6), but the closest Greek analogues are probably to be found in the Acharnians and Peace of Aristophanes, which share with Tibullus and Longus an opposition between the unpleasantness of war and a quiet and happy life in the countryside.

O",a~. -y€vro. i'J",,' (Theocr. 82-8) Modern critics have concluded from a combination of this passage, Theocr. aAOLaLV, 8VU€pWTa "ai. aciCPVL' ... dT€ a'YPoLKo, "ai ahmAo, "ai €PWV "ai V€O, ... Tilv Av"aivLOv i"fT€v€v i5n TaXLaTa 8t8a~aL Tilv T€XVTW, 8t' 11, 0 {30VA€TaL 8pciu€L XAfrr1V, that goatherds were traditionally unlucky or inexperienced in love,2s but it is noteworthy that at least one scholiast interpreted Theocr. €V €A€'Y€V' {30V"OAO, WV, cpT/uiv, ou "aTei {30V"OAOV, €pcu,. i~LV €'Y"paT€i" ToiJvavnov 8€ Aa'YvoTaTOL oi al7rOAoL.

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