A Theory of Ordinary p-Adic Curves by Mochizuki S.

By Mochizuki S.

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This rich set of high speed I/O integrates into a sRIO dataplane. sRIO provides an ideal sensor interface into scalable large HPC clusters. The sRIO dataplane interface can reside on the backplane or it can be wired between boxes, so customers can scale the system to whatever size necessary for their application. This approach enables customers to select the number of sRIO enabled COTS OpenVPX processing elements needed to support the appropriate amount of sensor inputs for their application, rather than having to build all system components from scratch.

One recent application that serves as an example of how HPEC brings HPC technology into traditional embedded defence and aerospace applications space is a situational awareness system that combines clusters of gpgpus, Intel processor based sbcs, Intel processor based dsp modules and leading edge commercial fpgas to deliver real time visual sensor information into helmet displays. In this HPEC system, data from the platform’s external visual sensors (which may comprise a wide number of different sensor types) is aggregated and, depending on which direction an individual user’s vision is oriented, the system can deliver the appropriate visual data to that user’s helmet display with smooth, realistic imagery.

IDT’s PCI Express to sRIO bridge chip enables these Intel based boards to communicate using sRIO. Common building blocks Radar, comint, sigint and situational awareness systems access the same key building blocks and can appear quite similar at the component level. The base HPEC platforms developed for applications such as situational awareness are likely to be adapted to address many other types of defence and aerospace SWaP-Cconstrained opportunities because they can deliver a large amount of computing power in a The Core-i7 based CHAMP-AV8 is a 6U OpenVPX multiprocessing dsp engine very small space.

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