A Workbook for New Testament Greek: Grammar and Exegesis in by Marvin R. Wilson, Chris Alex Vlachos

By Marvin R. Wilson, Chris Alex Vlachos

A Workbook for brand spanking new testomony Greek: Grammar and Exegesis in First John offers useful aid for college kids who are looking to commence learning the recent testomony within the unique Greek. Many Greek teachers agree that First John is the simplest position to begin examining within the New testomony since it is short and doesn't use many advanced sentences or infrequent phrases. This workbook divides 1 John into twenty-five assignments averaging 4 verses. every one project has 3 sections:• Vocabulary—defines and parses varieties that could as but be unusual• Questions—leads the scholar via very important grammatical observations• For extra Study—encourages deeper mirrored image on questions of grammar, textual feedback, exegesis, and applicationAll 3 sections provide precious references to grammars, commentaries, lexicons, and different learn is helping that scholars may still familiarize yourself with. additionally supplied are integrated reference tools:• Greek-English Dictionary of First John—briefly defines each be aware utilized in 1 John• Analytical Lexicon of First John—parses each shape that looks within the letterDesigned to be used within the moment 1/2 a first-year Greek path via scholars who've handed the midpoint in a typical creation to New testomony Greek, this workbook is usually used for person research and evaluation.

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Infin. act. of uevo), to remain, abide 6(j>eiX(T), owe, be indebted, be obligated. , thus, so, in this way. The brackets in our critical edi­ tions indicate uncertainty as to whether or not the enclosed word is part of the original text. TrepiTTCtTeLV, pres. infin. act. of TTepLTTccTeco, to walk QUESTIONS 1. W h o is the irapdKXriTog of v. 1? What special meaning does this term have in this context? ) 2. What special nuance does rrept (v. 2) convey when used along with d u a p T i a ? v. ) 3. What difference in meaning is conveyed by the change of tense in J o h n ' s statement.

Indie, act. 3d sg. of 8L8O)LIL, he has given tcXnOcoLiev, aor. subj. pass. 1st pi. of KaXeco, [that] we should be called, named. This is probably an example of a divine or theological passive as in Matt 5:9. For the meaning of this idiom, see Zerwick, Biblical Greek, §236; Wallace, Grammar, 437-38. eyvco, 2d aor. indie, act. 3d sg. eGa, fut. indie, m i d . 1st pi. of etui, we will be oLSaLiev, 2d perf. indie, act. 1st pi. of ol8a, we know OLiotog, -a, -ov, like, similar to oifJoueGa, fut. indie, mid.

Of TraTrjp, Trorrpog, father eTrnyyeiXaTO, aor. indie, mid. 3d sg. of eTrayyeXXoLioti, he promised QUESTIONS 1. In v. 22 what exactly is the liar denying? How is the double negative pf| . . oi)K to be explained? ) Assignment 9 1 John 2:22-25 37 2. In v. 21 Trctv . . oi)K, and in v. 23 rrctg . . , "no lie is of the truth . . ) According to Moule (Idiom Book, 182), what may have influenced the Greek idiom here? ) 3. What is the significance of the placement of "ULieig at the beginning of v. 24?

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