Act! X for dummies by Karen S. Fredricks

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You might not know your password because you don’t have one. So, before tracking down your Administrator with that plate of cookies, try leaving the password field blank. (I frequently get phone calls and e-mails from ACT! users who have no idea what password is assigned to them. Guess what? ) Giving ACT! the Preferential Treatment After you install ACT! on your computer, becoming familiar with various preferences is a good practice. If you’re the sole user of the database, these settings will likely save your sanity.

Chapter 3: Getting Your ACT! Together After you create a custom command, your next task is to get it to magically appear on one of your ACT! menus. I know, by now, you’re getting tired of reading all about menu bar customizations. You don’t want to follow an entire new set of commands. I don’t blame you. But guess what? If you’ve read through this chapter, you know how to add those new custom command items to your menus. Hop back to the section “Ordering additional menu items” to find that those directions are just about all you need to make it happen.

Finally, if you’re a real power-user, you’ll be excited to know how to change your menus and toolbars. Creating a New ACT! Database If your initial meeting with ACT! , you know that it’s a great demo database to use for learning purposes before actually starting to work on your own database. After playing with the demo for only a short time, you’re probably eager to start working on your very own database. The easiest way to create your first database is by using the Getting Started Wizard. In addition to setting you up with a new database, the wizard helps you to set a few of the most basic preferences needed for ACT!

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