Advanced Potassium Rankine Power Conversion Sys [space

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It is included to provide a redundant means of fault isolation between the alternator and switchgear bus.

7 kg/kWe. 2. As noted in the table, the components highest in mass are the reactor and shield, the heat pipes (HPs) and radiator, and the power management and conditioning system (PMAD), comprising 34%, 33%, and 23% of the overall system mass respectively. A 60–m2 radiator is needed to reject the waste heat from the dynamic PCSs, 30 m2 for each of the two redundant units. A detailed mass breakdown and piping dimensions are presented in Appendix B. PCS state points are shown in Fig. 2. 3 Low temp.

Turbopump optimum speed is driven by the system power output. These relationships do not define a turbopump design, but they do provide sufficient information to proceed with system optimization and a design specification for the detailed design of the turbine. Note that these relations were developed for a single–stage centrifugal pump driven by a partial admission turbine with 10% admission. 11 shows the conceptual design of a potassium turbopump designed to be used in a system that delivers 100-kWe system power.

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