advanced sql 1999 by understanding object-relational, other advanced features (j.

By understanding object-relational, other advanced features (j. melton, morgan kaufmann 2003)

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9 Feature T041, "Basic LOB data type support," supports the definition of SQL's LARGE OBJECT types (but not operations on them other than storage and retrieval). PKG007 adds nine additional features: 9 Feature S024, "Enhanced structured types," adds to Feature S023 a number of advanced UDT capabilities, including the ability to write methods in languages other than SQL, to compare two instances of a UDT, and to pass UDT instances to and from various routines. 9 Feature S043, "Enhanced reference types," extends Feature S041 by permitting scoped references and automatic checking of reference validity, as well as other enhanced features.

4 The SQL Object Model 15 tion algorithm (covered in Chapter 4, "Routines and Routine Invocation") selects one particular routine, a m o n g the routines with the specified name, based on the n u m b e r of arguments provided in the routine invocation and the data types of those arguments. The most powerful use of p o l y m o r p h i s m in SQL occurs along with the use of inheritance: a P] ayClip m e t h o d designed to play a clip from a music source whose identity is passed as an argument might effectively play clips from a subtype of "music source," such as CD or MusicDVD.

This interface permits the internal i m p l e m e n t a t i o n details to be changed without affecting the applications using the type (as long, of course, as the interface remains the same and any changes to the resulting behavior d o n ' t cause incompatibilities in the behaviors seen by the applications). 3 In practice, encapsulation of structured types largely means that all access to instances of the typesmincluding b o t h its data and its b e h a v i o r s ~ i s t h r o u g h the use of various sorts of functions that are associated in some way with the types.

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