After the Planners by Robert Goodman

By Robert Goodman

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A recent cutback in federal funds threatens still more1years of delay. ” In the case of the people with the “TO HELL w i t h u r b a n r e n e w a l ” sign, the last remaining holdouts were led from their homes by sheriff’s deputies and tactical police in late 1969. After being told earlier that they would be able to stay, they were forced to leave for a “compromise” plan of middle-income housing that was to include a token number of apartments for low-income people. As for the Cambridge highway protest, the road is stalled, at least until the next election.

4 55 INTRODUCTION That is, those in power can afford to let everybody talk as much as they like because in the end they decide who should be taken seriously. But it took President Richard M. ” On September 25, 1969, Nixon signed a declaration stating: Young and old, we are all Americans, and if we are to re­ main free we must talk to each other, listen to each other, young and old alike. . 6 The next day Nixon held his famous press conference at which he discussed the October 15 Vietnam Peace Mora­ torium.

For example, decisions can be taken on whether to keep a community intact or disperse it. Such decisions may have particu­ larly far-reaching consequences when they concern communities of minority groups, and this goes a long way towards explaining the current sensitivity of the 'concentration or dispersal’ debate in the race relations field. It now becomes an element of social policy whether certain kinds of communities are encouraged to dis­ perse throughout the city limits, or remain as identifi­ able social and geographical groupings.

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