All New Crafts for Earth Day by Kathy Ross

By Kathy Ross

Ebook through Ross, Kathy

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Putting a rubber band around a jar lid creates a grip that will make the lid easier to open. 43 Twist-off caps from soda and water bottles are a must for your craft box! Peepers Pal Here is what you need: 6-inch (15-cm) black pipe cleaner clear plastic soda or water bottle two identical twist-off soda or water-bottle caps white craft glue scissors two small black buttons Here is what you do: Cut two circles from the plastic bottle slightly bigger around than the caps. 5-cm) slits around both circles.

Lace the two pieces together using the thin ribbon, yarn, or string, tying the ends on each side to secure them. 28 paper Cut a piece of paper to fit in the open end of the plastic. Use the marker to write your name, address, and phone number on the paper. Be sure to check with a grown-up to see what information will be all right for you to use. Slide the paper into the plastic sleeve. Punch a hole through the center of the open end of the plastic sleeve. Cut a 12-inch (30-cm)- length of ribbon, yarn, or string and thread one end through the hole.

Tube containers are also good for storing paintbrushes or pipe cleaners. You can make a different size tube by using larger or smaller tubes and following the same instructions. Another idea! Small cardboard tubes are perfect for storing extra extension cords. Just wrap the cord and stash it inside the tube to keep it from getting tangled. 42 Save those wide rubber bands used by the post office to secure mail. Rubber Band Desk Jar Here is what you need: permanent markers wide rubber bands large glass jar Here is what you do: Use the rubber bands to create bands around the jar.

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