American Combat Judo by Bernard J Cosneck

By Bernard J Cosneck

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183 AITACK FROM THE GROUND In any conflict between two opponents, the ground work is very important. Many men are quite effective as long as they are on their feet, but seem to lose all combative ability when they are on the ground. POSITION: You are on the ground in any position, facing your opponent (Fig. 184). ACTION: I. Take a rolling leap to your opponent's legs with the left side of your body leading. 2. As your left side contacts his forward leg, immediately wrap your left arm, from the outside, around his ankle (Fig.

Feint high, then fall at opponent's feet and trip him C. Kick at testicles or knee-eap VII. Fighting Face to Face A. Attack I. Kick or use knee 2. Grab belt and thrust forearm to throat 3. Go-behinds (arm drag) 4. Step behind, trip, and use "Iron claw" to face 5. Wrist-twist 6. Come-alongs 7. Hip throw 8. Front strangle or neck-breaker defense B. Defense I. The perfect stand 2. Ready to block knee or kick 3. Ready to parry boxing blows 4. Ready to parry knife attacks C. Releases I. Wrist twist 2.

108 • 72 rig. 107 Fig. 109 TRIP FROM REAR This action can easily be executed and is very effective. It is a simple variation of some of the more complicated rear trips. POSITION: You are to the rear of your opponent. ACTION: I. Clasp both your hands around his waist and drop to your right knee (Fig. I 10 and Fig. '1'). 2. As you fal1, twist your body to the left so that you are facing in that direction and extend your left foot strail(ht ahead of you so that it is on the outside of your opponent's right foot (Fig.

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