American Indian Culture (Magill's Choice), 3v by Carole A. Barrett, Harvey J. Markowitz (eds.)

By Carole A. Barrett, Harvey J. Markowitz (eds.)

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American Indian studies many times are very personal and intuitive. The insights are justified within a specific tribal context with powerful rhetorical and imaginative methods. They appeal to an interest in behavior that is very different from Anglo-American intellectual concerns, but never claim to be definitive. The establishment of an agenda for American Indian studies, of a set of methods or purposes indigenous to the Americas, or of a special task for its practitioners, hardly seems plausible.

Notes, extensive bibliography, and index. , with contributions by C. Wesley Cowan and Michael P. Hoffman. Rivers of Change: Essays on Early Agriculture in Eastern North America. Washington: Smithsonian Institution Press, 1992. An alternate view of how prehistoric North Ameri- 14 / Alcoholism can cultures evolved from hunting and gathering societies to agricultural-based societies. Thomas, Peter A. ” Ethnohistory 23 (1976): 1-18. A thoughtful consideration of the thorny question of whether the Indians or the European settlers were more efficient and effective users of the land.

On the eve of the potlatch, women wear button blankets as they dance in the smoke-filled great house. While the women sing mourning songs, the iridescent buttons sparkle in the firelight, helping to drive away sadness so the celebration can proceed. The next day, the men in their crested button blankets perform the Chiefs’ Dance to begin the potlatch. After contact with Europeans provided new fabrics, Eastern Woodlands women put aside their deerskin outfits and decorated their cotton shawls and skirts with wide borders of silk appliqué.

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