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The verse was by Charles G. " It had come to Conkling's notice only the night before he made his speech. Halpine, a native of Ireland, had been a newspaper man in Dublin, Boston and New York before enlisting in the Sixty-ninth Regiment, New York Volunteers. He served as the assistant adjutant general in General Hunter's army, and after the war wrote several books, prose and verse. " John Singleton Mosby (1833-1916) AN AFTERMATH of the Civil War, caused by the experience of the South under carpet-bag rule in the Reconstruction era, was a partisan cohesion of the states that had consti- tuted the Confederacy.

S. Grant for a third term in the Presidency was Senator Roscoe Conkling of New York. He had been a powerful advocate of Grant's policies in his administrations from 1869 to 1877, and when the Civil War hero again became a candidate in 1880, after an absence of four years from the White House, Conkling vigorously advanced Grant's claims as against the candidacy of James A. Garfield, his principal competitor. Conkling, besides being a skillful politician, was noted for his oratory and ready wit. When he rose to place Grant's name in nomination at the Republican national convention in 1880, there was an air of expectancy in the convention hall.

884 ) IN THE presidential campaign of 1884, with Grover Cleveland, Democrat, running against James G. Blaine, Republican, the latter's campaign managers made public a scandal in Cleveland's early life. It was alleged that as a young man Cleveland was the father of an illegitimate child. " He admitted that as a young man he acknowledged as his a child born out of wedlock and that he had supported the child. Privately, it was said, he had expressed doubts as to his paternity of the child. " To which the reply of Democrats of a kindred strain was, "Gone to the White House, ha, ha, ha," American Sayings 58 "If nominated, I will not accept.

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