Among the Farmyard People by Clara Dillingham Pierson

By Clara Dillingham Pierson

Introduces teenagers to the animals of the farmyard via a chain of attractive tales in regards to the sheep, chickens, cows, and horses that dwell there. With new animals arriving usually, we make the acquaintance additionally of a pig and a peacock, in addition to a few geese and guinea fowls. each one tale closes with a steady ethical, inspiring teenagers to correct habit. appealing black and white illustrations supplement the textual content. compatible for a while five and up.

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This was not the only egg in the nest now, but it was the only one of which she spoke. At last a downy Chicken peeped out of one of the common eggs, and wriggled and twisted to free himself from the shell. His mother did not hurry him or help him. She knew that he must not slip out of it until all the blood from the shell-lining had run into his tender little body. If she had pushed the shell off before he had all of this fine red blood, he would not have been a strong Chicken, and she wanted her children to be strong.

She is too fine a Hen to be spoken to as you spoke to her this morning, and I don't want to hear any more of your fault-finding. " And he ruffled his neck feathers and stuck his face close to that of the Dorking Cock. They stared into each other's eyes for a minute; then the Dorking cock, who was not so big and strong as the Shanghai, shook his head and answered sweetly, "It was rude of me. " From that day to this, nobody in the poultry yard has ever spoken of the shiny egg, and the Dorkings are much liked by the other fowls.

The Drake had not been there long himself. It was only a few days before the Duck began sitting that she and her five sisters had come with him to this place. It had not taken them long to become acquainted with the other farmyard people, and all had been kind to them. The Geese had rather put on airs, at first, because they were bigger and had longer legs, but the Ducks and Drake were too wise to notice this in any way, and before long the Geese were as friendly as possible. They would have shown the Ducks the way to the water if it had been necessary, but it was not, for the Ducks always know without being told just where to find it.

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