Ancient Marine Reptiles by Jack M. Callaway (Editor), Elizabeth L. Nicholls (Editor)

By Jack M. Callaway (Editor), Elizabeth L. Nicholls (Editor)

Vertebrate evolution has ended in the convergent visual appeal of many teams of initially terrestrial animals that now reside within the sea. between those teams are common mammals like whales, dolphins, and seals. There also are reptilian lineages (like plesiosaurs, ichthyosaurs, mosasaurs, thalattosaurs, and others) that experience turn into sea creatures. almost all these marine reptiles, usually wrongly known as "dinosaurs", are extinct. This edited ebook is dedicated to those extinct teams of marine reptiles. those reptilian analogs characterize beneficial types of the myriad diversifications that let tetrapods to stay within the ocean. Key beneficial properties* First publication in additional than eighty years dedicated solely to fossil marine reptiles* files the most up-tp-date examine on extinct marine reptiles* ready by way of the world's such a lot widespread specialists within the box* good illustrated

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Thus, in the "Report," he attacked Geoffroy' s transformist speculations about marine reptiles and, by implication, also Lamarckian progressionism. One reason Owen adduced was that these large ectothermic reptiles were now obsolete thanks to changes in climate (Desmond, 1989:324; Rupke, 1983, 1994). THE PUBLIC AND THE MARINE REPTILES The marine reptiles' major role in early and middle nineteenth-century vertebrate paleontology is reflected in the science's popular image. These large, extinct, and splendidly gruesome saurians seized the newly Romantic public imagination (Rupke, 1983; Porter, 1978).

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