Antibiotic Resistance [Wkshp Summary] by E. Choffnes, et al.,

By E. Choffnes, et al.,

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If we take care of the other point and miss this one, then the cell will not be the proper shape and all the honey we store in the comb will spill out on to the ground. Omar: To tell you the truth, that is quite difficult for me to understand, as I am not very familiar with the subject. How can honeybees make these calculations without any errors? How can you set each angle exactly at 120 degrees? And then you do not use any tools when building these combs. That reminds me of all the pages full of queer geometrical shapes I drew while trying to draw proper hexagons...

I had finally found all the answers to the questions that had been bothering me. Honeybees do not own the wisdom they display! It is impossible for them to possess such wisdom! They act by the inspiration of God, their Creator, and thus display a superior wisdom that astonishes us. 28 I spent the entire week telling everyone I met, my mom, dad, my cousins and friends, about honeybees. At the weekend, I asked my father to go to the woods again. Omar: Daddy, we will go jogging this weekend, won't we?

You know what? I spent the whole week thinking about your amazing honeycombs? I can't wait to see them! From a tree only a few steps away, an incredible buzzing could be heard. I would never have dared to go there if I had not had my friend with me. The little honeybee promised that nothing would happen to me, and I trusted him. When we approached the tree trunk, I remembered that there was great order inside, despite the buzzing noise I was hearing. Honeybees are one of the most hard-working animals in the universe; they work without a moment's rest and produce the delicious honey that has so many uses for man.

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