Armageddon, Oil, and Terror: What the Bible Says about the by John F. Walvoord

By John F. Walvoord

Updating the paintings of well known biblical pupil John F. Walvoord, who famously envisioned present global occasions, Armageddon, Oil, and Terror deals surprising predictions at the way forward for terrorism, oil-based economics, and nuclear battle within the heart East. In all, Armageddon, Oil, and Terror sheds gentle on 12 occasions concerning end-time prophecies that appear eerily with reference to coming actual. comprises fabrics from lectures and discussions after September 11 and accommodates important, up to date fabric from different Walvoord classics. it truly is as present as modern information . . . and each prediction earrings real.

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The ingenuity of man has devised means of human destruction that would have seemed incredible to a previous generation. With terrorist tactics ranging from dirty bombs and suitcase-sized nuclear devices to anthrax and smallpox used as weapons of mass destruction (WMDs), the world appears to be moving toward a gigantic crisis. Can it be that the prophets of doom are right? Is the world racing toward Armageddon, the end of Western civilization? THE VOICE OF THE PROPHETS As alarming as these events are, they really are not surprising in light of the Bible’s end-time prophecies.

The final countdown involves a brief period of preparation with the last seven years clearly delineated. The last half of these seven years will be three and a half years of unparalleled disaster and war, climaxing at Armageddon. Though we’ll examine each of these events in greater detail later in the book, they are summarized below: 1. Revival of the Roman Empire. Prior to these last seven years, a group of ten leaders, or what we might call the “Group of Ten,” will rise from Europe, as indicated by the ten horns of Daniel 7:7-8 and the similar description of the end-time government in Revelation 13:1.

S. economy would collapse. Addiction to this specific form of energy means that the United States cannot dodge the bullet if anything suddenly disrupts the supply of light crude oil from the Middle East. Given the increasing volatility of the Middle East, the United States must carefully consider all possible alternatives. One of America’s other primary sources of foreign oil is Venezuela, but prospects for a continuing, productive relationship are uncertain—at best. As Venezuela continues to struggle with its own political discontent, the South American country’s president, Hugo Chavez, openly criticizes the “imperialist policies” of the United States.

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