Army List and Directory by United States War Department

By United States War Department

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22:14; Ps. 29:10, 33:13; Is. 40:22; Amos 9:6; Acts 1: 9-11). When we consider the perspective of ancient, prescientific peoples, who were using their sense perceptions of the world as a basis for their knowledge about the world, it is reasonable that they would deduce theories about the world from the way in which the world appeared to them. The sky seems (when compared to the earth) to be incorruptible and eternal, due to its seemingly timeless and changeless appearance. The lighter, airier nature of the sky—with its daytime sunlit blue and its nighttime star-studded black—makes it appear endless and eternal.

Louis Bernstein explains: “The big bang did not occur anywhere in space, nor did it have an origin in time, because initially space and time did not exist. ”32 According to modern science, quarks—considered the most fundamental particles of matter/energy—emerged spontaneously (and inexplicably) from this expansion of matter/energy/space/time. Astronomer David Levy tells us: “At a particular instant roughly 12 to 15 billion years ago, all the matter and energy we can observe, concentrated in a region smaller than a dime, began to expand and cool at an incredibly rapid rate.

At present, there is no, definite, scientific conclusion as to what, exactly, the fundamental stuff of which the physical universe consists actually is. , quarks, leptons) which are themselves made up of small fractions of electrical charges of matter/energy. Presently quarks are thought to be the most elementary particles. , from no place at no time). Louis Bernstein explains: “The big bang did not occur anywhere in space, nor did it have an origin in time, because initially space and time did not exist.

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