Arthur, King of Britons: From Celtic hero to cinema icon by Daniel Mersey

By Daniel Mersey

King Arthur, the most renowned of British kings and one whose identify is synonymous with braveness, chivalry and romanticism. Arthur, King of the Britons, Arthur the medieval legend, Arthur the Celtic warlord, Arthur of the Pre-Raphaelites and Arthur of the movies...would the true King Arthur please get up? Daniel Mersey explores the numerous faces, myths and theories surrounding this well-known king.

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It is in the Saxon areas of Britain that their foreign culture arrived, was geographically restricted and took root. The majority of Saxon tribes who arrived in Britain had little contact with the Roman world before arriving in Britain, and would have been all the more ‘different’ for it. The Franks and Goths who settled in modern France, Spain and other parts of mainland Europe were more familiar with Roman society, and could adapt to what they encountered. Consequently much of Roman Britain was to irretrievably 48 THE HISTORICAL ARTHUR become Saxon England.

Neither of these dates can be reliably confirmed in any other sources, yet nor can they be proved false. Most debate about the deeds of the historical Arthur focuses on the list of twelve battles given by Nennius in the ninth century, who claimed that Arthur was the victor in them all. We do not know if this was true, but many researchers have spent plenty of time attempting to identify where these battles may have taken place. The list of battles, with some of their possible sites (many other sites may once have had the same names but have now changed, making this an even more troublesome task), is as follows, although none of the suggestions can be safely confirmed: 42 THE HISTORICAL ARTHUR 43 ARTHUR: KING OF THE BRITONS A few of these possible sites are expanded upon in Chapter Seven.

In addition to political decisions and potentially leading his army into battle, a Dark Ages ruler would have invested a fair amount of time into the finer things in life. Poetry suggests that hunting was popular, and other references, including the medieval tale The Dream of Rhonabwy, show that the nobility may have indulged in strategy-based board-games. Bards and poets were employed to recite stories and songs deep rooted in British tradition, and wealthy rulers also arranged for stories and songs to be built around their own deeds.

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