Atlantic Ocean (World Bibliographical Series) by H. G. R. King

By H. G. R. King

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Bibliog. A popular, profusely illustrated general introduction to all aspects of the oceans. Sir George Deacon was, until his death in 1984, the doyen of British oceanographers. 3 An introduction to the world's oceans. Alyn C. Duxbury, Alison Duxbury. Reading, Massachusetts: Addison-Wesley, 1984. 549p. maps. bibliog. Primarily intended for teaching at first-year university level, the emphasis of this text-book is on the physical and geological aspects of the seas, though biological relationships are introduced.

Chapters 10 and 11 cover the cartography of the great discoveries and nautical cartography in the 16th century. They include numerous references to, and reproductions of, early Atlantic charts ranging from a woodcut of Ptolemy's Oceanus occidentalis (1513) to the more sophisticated charts of the Atlantic in the late 16th century associated with the sailing directions in seabooks. 13 A history of geographical discovery and exploration. J. N. L. Baker. London: Harrap, 1932. 544p. map. bibliog. Written as an undergraduate text book, this work has retained its value as an introduction to the whole field of geographical discovery.

F. George Kay. London: Museum Press, 1954. 208p. maps. bibliog. The opening chapters dealing with the geology and natural resources of the Atlantic are now somewhat outdated, but the historical chapters, which cover the discovery and commercial exploitation of the ocean, are useful as a summary introduction to the subject. The penultimate chapter covers 'Atlantis' and the oceanic islands. 8 The Oxford companion to ships and the sea. Edited by Peter Kemp. London: Oxford University Press, 1976. 972p.

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