Backyard Nature Coloring Book by Dot Barlowe

By Dot Barlowe

Wild animals in our midst come to existence during this distinctive, rigorously rendered coloring ebook. Forty-two particular black-and-white illustrations depict a garter snake, Virginia deer, backyard spider, jap beetles, chickadees, raccoons, honeybees, cardinals, squirrels, and lots of extra. five colour illustrations on covers. Captions.

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Then there was a flurry of motion in the air over * 21 * The Slippery Map their heads. Sister Mary Many Pockets, Oyster, Mother Superior, Mrs. Fishback, all of the nuns, and Leatherbelly, too, looked up to see a flock of moths led by a scrawny bird skitter and bump through the kitchen—in one door and out through another. * 22 * Chapter 2 An Unslippery Map of Little Use Oyster sat in the passenger seat of the nunnery van so that, as Mrs. ” The problem was that Oyster wasn’t very tall, and his seat belt, batted by the wind through the open window, was either flapping around his face or choking him.

Listen! ” Oyster had never heard of the name Ringet. He leaned in again, the cold air rushing into his mouth, and shouted more loudly. “Hello? ” “Push it in the bucket! ” Oyster heard someone shouting. He thought they might be talking to him. ” he called back. ” Mrs. Fishback cried. ” Oyster squinted into the hole. He saw something glint. The silver bucket, gliding toward him. And there was something in it. Something bristled and fierce looking. Oyster reared back from the glove compartment, the wind whipping around his head.

How is Leatherbelly going to get his teeth cleaned and possibly get braces now? How, I ask you? ” Oyster shook his head. “No, we aren’t lost,” he said. Because from his view here, looking back, he saw a sign in the sky above a building at the back of the parking lot. Dr. Fromler’s sign. They’d made it after all! Dr. Fromler! The famous Dr. Fromler who was all-good, allloving, all-glittery smile—he’d shined his glittery love down on Oyster for all of his life. Oyster would have recognized those glowing teeth anywhere.

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