BBI Combinatory Dictionary of English (colocations) by M. Benson, et al.,

By M. Benson, et al.,

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Descriptions of all equipment used in and with the System IIA. • Descriptions of all controls and indicators located on the instruments and instructions to operate the different configurations of the System IIA. • A discussion of the different subsystems and setups of the System IIA, such as the Precision RF Power Source, Precision Through Power Meter, and Precision Power Meter. • Procedures to set up and calibrate different types of Power Sensors using the System IIA. • A listing of some of the different Power Sensors calibrated by the System IIA.

MODEL 1806 TYPE IV POWER METER The Model 1806 (Figure 3-2) is designed for use with bolometer elements to measure high frequency or microwave power. It also functions as a standard for the calibration of bolometer mounts, detectors, RF voltmeters, and for precision insertion loss measurements when used as part of the System IIA. Figure 3-2 Model 1806 Type IV Power Meter The exclusive use of 100% dc substituted power eliminates the effect of ac components on the bridge circuit which has been shown to introduce a substantial error in the substituted power due to the short-term time-constant of some bolometer elements.

Figure 3-16 Calibration of Compensated Thermistor Mount in Stable Environment If the performance of the adapter is known, its effect can be removed mathematically. For example, the power incident to a DUT to a first approximation is given by: PRF = PDC _____ K2 x KA where PDC is the value of substituted dc bias selected on the front of the 1805B, K2 is the feedthrough mount calibration factor, and KA is the loss factor of the adapter. Adapter insertion loss can be measured in dB. The conversion is given by: KA = 1 ______ 10 ( X10 ) where X is the insertion loss of the adapter.

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