Beginning Biblical Hebrew by Mark David Futato

By Mark David Futato

Reaching the perfect stability of volume of knowledge, variety of presentation, and intensity of guide in first-year grammars is not any effortless activity. yet Mark Futato has produced a grammar that, after years of trying out in a few associations, will please many, with its concise, transparent, and well-thought-out presentation of Biblical Hebrew. as the instructing of biblical languages is in decline in lots of seminaries and universities, Futato takes pains to degree the volume of knowledge provided in each one bankruptcy in a fashion that makes the amount digestible, with no sacrificing details that's vital to continue. The publication contains routines which are drawn principally from the Hebrew Bible itself.

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Translate the following. 5 x;Bez>mil. 13 ry[il. 6 tyIb;W ry[i C. Focus on prepositions and vav conjunction. Translate the following. 1. 1. On the road and to the city. 2. 2. With the prophet and before the king. 3. 3. Within the kingdom and to/for the king. 4. 4. From a city and a house. 5. 5. With a son and with a daughter. 6. 6. With the son and with the daugh−ter. 7. 7. To the man and to the god. 8. 8. Like a man and like the woman. M;h; %AtB. beB. BeB; lael'w> ~d'a'l' hV'aiK'w> vyaiK. Page 54 Reviewing Previous Lessons D.

Read the text out loud and underline the following names: Nathan, Bathsheba, and David. 3. If Ël

2. 3. 4. 5. 6. ~ykir'D>h;-lK' %r,D,h;-lK' %r,D,-lK' x;Bez>Mih;-lK' ~yliaeh'-lK' tyIB;-lK' 1. all of the roads 2. the whole road 3. every road 4. the whole altar 5. all of the gods 6. every house Reviewing Previous Lessons INTRODUCTION 59 60 INTRODUCTION E. Parse the following. Verb Pattern Conj. Person Gender Number Root 1. a;G" 2. yI 3. a' 4. nI 5. l;m' 6. d;y> 7. xB;z>a, 8. Ti 9. Ti 10. v' F. Focus on the inseparable prepositions. Circle the words that have an inseparable preposition with the definite article.

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