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Women and Labour in Late Colonial India: The Bengal Jute Industry

Samita Sen's heritage of laboring ladies in Bengal within the past due 19th and early 20th centuries considers how social structures of gender formed their lives. the writer demonstrates how the long term developments within the Indian financial system devalued women's exertions, constructing styles of city migration and altering gender equations in the kin.

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136 Eventually, Somaniitha had several disciples, among ~hem sGom-pa dKon-mchogsrung, to whom he gave all the Kiilacakra teachings and from whom he received some . 132 Naudou. 1968: 129,139. Ratnavajra was also the teacher of Rin-chen bzang-po (980-1055). Ratnavajra is said to have supervised the work of reconstructing the bSam-yas monastery after it had been burnt in 986. He was doing the work of an architect (The Blue Annals. 1949153:378). IJJ Naudou. 1968:151-154. Naudou writes convincingly about the dating of these early masters and there is no reason to doubt his conclusions concerning Bodhibhadra.

4 pages 285-288). Newman has noted the existence of this colophon (Newman. 1987a: 99, note 66). 109 110 25 ity as a translator for 'Bro. I 13 An interesting detail in this connection is that 'Bro was involved in translating one of three texts comprising the so called Bodhisattva corpus. The connection between the three texts is again emphasized. 114 • Another question that arises is why 'Bro wanted another translation of the texts when he was already involved in the first translation of Kiilacakra texts.

And] gYa-ru 'Gar-stan, Mang-yul stan-ma sri-dar and sMan-gra'i 'jam-sgam and 168 'Phan-yul is a district just a little bit to the north-east of Lhasa. Wylie. 1962:map. Grabs-yul was the designation of a place at the time of the early six tribes of Tibet (Bod rgya rntshig mdzod chen mo. 1985:396). I have not found any infonnation on Grab on the maps. 169 It is probably meant that Somaniitha seized both his finished' translation and the unfinished half with the original text and left the place Kha-rag.

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